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More about our Residential Electrician in Bisbee AZ

Blue home symbolOur trained electricians at Bisbee Electric have been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Bisbee AZ. We get it right the first period, delivering the most extensive electrical services including installation, upgrade, and fix up solutions available. You can be sure calling Bisbee Electric , knowing that our well trained electricians will handle you, your relatives, and your estate with the regard and notice to safe keeping you deserve. Whether it’s hanging a ceiling fan, installing a custom-designed landscape lighting system, or rewiring a commercial form, or other electrical services, you can call on Bisbee Electric. We have the power to build things better!

More about our Wiring Upgrades in Bisbee AZ

Box with tools of electricianA good electrician in Bisbee AZ is hard to come across. You want to make sure that the electrician you select will do the Wiring Upgrades you want for your budget and present you a quality job also. Whether you are choosing an electrician in Bisbee AZ that is a commercial, residential or a 24 hour and emergency specialist, it is significant to make sure that he/she is licensed.

More about our Custom Lighting Upgrades in Bisbee AZ

electrical bulbCustom Lighting upgrade is one of the most important energy conservation measures one can take in any facility. Lighting represents between 20 and 50% of the energy consumed in a facility. A lighting upgrade can reduce consumption by 30 to 95%, depending on the potential upgrade. With annual Returns On Investment between 25 and 100%, performing a lighting upgrade is one of the best potential investments one can make.

More about our Residential Solar Installation in Bisbee AZ

solar panelWe focus on providing high-quality Residential Solar Installation to customers in the Bisbee AZ and beyond. Our solar panels come with a standard 25-year warranty, and we design all of our systems to provide virtual maintenance free solar electrical generation system for decades to come. We offer free site evaluations and would be happy to visit your home or office to explain benefits you can receive from going solar.