Custom Lighting Upgrades

Bisbee Electric offers Custom Lighting Upgrades in Bisbee AZ and several lines of lighting control dimmers in a few different styles. Bisbee Electric’s Architectural Series includes such products as the NovaT, a classic thin-profile, linear slide dimmer. This aesthetically-pleasing, intuitive design comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including matte and special metal styles.

Custom Lighting Upgrades Bisbee AZBisbee Electric’s Designer series includes many Custom Lighting Upgrades. The Maestro is a high-tech, multi-location dimmer offers microprocessor technology with a clean, flush appearance. Another popular line, the Diva, matches traditional paddle-switches, and features a built in soft-glow night light.

We also offer the original designer-style slide dimmer for a standard designer wall plate opening. Finally, Bisbee Electric’s Traditional Series includes such classic designs as the Ariandi, which mimics the traditional toggle switch. The Glyder slide dimmer also fits into traditional wall plates, using a horizontal slider control. Finally, the Rotary design brings the full spectrum of Bisbee Electric designs full Custom Lighting Upgrades in Bisbee AZ.

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