Wiring Upgrades

Update the wiring in your home with help from the professionals of Bisbee Electric. We will upgrade the incoming electrical service to the home with new panels, circuitry, and surge protectors. With our years of expertise, we can repair or replace any old wiring and also offer computer networking services for our residential clients. We provide fast, quality work at a fair and affordable price. Our customer service based business specializes in residential Wiring Upgrades in Bisbee AZ, home telephone wiring, telephone cable installation, postwire wiring, and prewire wiring.

Wiring Upgrades Bisbee AZHaving updated your main panel does NOT update any interior wiring, especially up at the ceiling level. The old wires still exist in the walls and ceilings – unless you had a complete internal wiring upgrade which is very rare and only done by request. Often the house has to be partially gutted to access the concealed wiring in the walls/ceilings for changing it out. Bisbee Electric team has the expertise to get the job done correctly. All of our electricians are skilled and experienced in wiring upgrades in Bisbee AZ, new homes, cottages, boathouses and anywhere else you have the need for electric power.

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